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IMPACT : How to assess your palliative care organization ?

The overall aim of the IMPACT project was to develop optimal improvement strategies to improve the organization of palliative cancer and dementia care in Europe and to study factors influencing the effectiveness of the strategies. The IMPACT project, started in 2011 and ended in 2015, was built on a consortium of 12 research teams located at 12 different universities or research organizations.

Results are now available.

What IMPACT will provide to your palliative care organization ?

  • gain knowledge on European quality indicators ;

  • use quality indicators to assess your current situation ;

  • choose improvement objectives ;

  • implement these objectives in their daily practice.

A video, a manual and two questionnaires based on the knowledge derived from the project have been developed and can be used by professionals, researchers and palliative care settings (hospitals, hospices, nursing homes and primary care services) for training and supporting quality improvement activities.

The materials are  available in French and Dutch and can be used to assess the organisation of palliative care services by using specific quality indicators.


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